Latest update - February 26, 2008

Have you all noticed how quiet it is here? I'm sorry, but life has moved along in a different direction and The J/7 Alcove is left alone, drifting in cyber space with no particular aim. The crew and I are sorry for this, but unfortunately we can't redirect at this moment.

However, for those of you who still drop by and read we bow. It's such an odd feeling when an email from one of you lands on my desk, a thank you note for what we've done. Despite our lack of activity we notice you and we smile, wondering who are you are. It doesn't matter, but for you we'll keep The J/7 Alcove running yet another year.




The J/7 Alcove is a place for you who enjoy reading and writing fiction - yours or fan fiction, short stories or long stories.

The legacy we have as a fan fiction site is the foundation, especially J/7, but if you have other pairings or perhaps some that are all yours - don't hesitate to share them here with us.

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