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When Past Return's

After far too many days without action, Captain Janeway wishes for an adventure.

Rating: PG
Note from the author: This is a short story and an exercise for me after a long hiatus from writing. It is J/7 ... no, it's J/other ... or is it? A tease, perhaps. Some feedback would be nice since this is my first story set onboard Voyager.

Days of Grace

Thanksgiving is coming up when Cleveland Detective Grace Jacobson ends up with a case where not much is what it seems to be.

Rating: PG
Note from the author: Although Cleveland is the home for Grace Jacobson, the places she visits and the people she meets are all fictional. Someone might think they recognize someone or something, but that is purely coincidental. Almost. Also, the Catholic Church is a character in this story. Like it or not - it is up to you.

Moreover, I want to thank my beta readers for your help and patient. After the last story it's a mystery you're still around.

And: Please, don't donwload the story.

Part 1 -- posted May 15, 2004
Part 2 -- posted June 18, 2004
Part 3 -- posted July 16, 2004
Part 4 -- posted August 13, 2004
Part 5 -- posted October 12, 2004
Part 6 -- posted February 13, 2005
Part 7 -- posted March 1, 2005
Part 8 Conclusion -- posted March 26, 2005

Takes Two

A young woman gets stranded in a small coastal town in New England. If there was something as fate, maybe this is it?

Rating: Who invented this? Let's say ... PG but honestly, I have not a clue.
Note from the author: I had no idea writing a story could take me on such a journey as this one has. It has been the most amazing experience. Thank you Precious for joining me, for supporting me and .... for correcting my English.

Thank you ~Onyx  - both for the site and your beta reading.

And: Please, don't donwload the story.

Part 1 -- posted May 8, 2003
Part 2 -- posted June 1, 2003
Part 3 -- posted June 21, 2003
Part 4 -- posted July 25, 2003
Part 5 -- posted September 8, 2003
Part 6 -- posted October 6, 2003 (
Part 7 -- posted October 29, 2003
Part 8 -- posted November 24, 2003 -- Last Chapter