The J/7 Alcove
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Intentions - July 2004. Yet another old ~Onyx story. An Endgame revision.

The Wedding - May 2004. A short thing about ... well, you'll figure it out.

Harley Davidson - May 2004. Seven, leather, a Fat Boy and a curious captain.

Concessions - January 2004 (200 kB). Sequel to Honor.

Choices - October 2003 (120 kB). Voyager is back to Earth. Now what? 

Honor - October 2003 (200 kB). New for this version of the J/7 Alcove. An unusual über.

Memories in Bloom - September 2003.  Janeway looks back ... 

Blind Desire - July 2003. Not 'new' but let's call it that. An golden oldie.