Blind Desire

by ~Onyx

posted  first time August 2000


Disclaimer:  Paramount owns Star Trek, no copyright infringement is meant.  The idea behind this comes from reading all the rest of the good J/7 authors out there and just wanting play with you too.

Codes: J/7.  Rating: R.  If you are not inclined to be open minded about same sex relationships then this is not the place for you, nor do I want to hear from you about it.  If you are less than 17 years of age, there is a Harry Potter site out there for you somewhere.

Remarks:  July of 2003 - I touched it up a bit, not much.  A couple additional words here and there, and a few s.



“Chakotay to Seven of Nine!” chirped Seven’s combadge as she stood behind the giant view screen in Astrometrics planning out the next couple systems they would travel through.

“Seven here.”  She responded without taking her eyes from the screen.

“Seven, would you please come to the ready room,” he commanded indicating nothing by his tone.

“Yes Commander,” she responded, “on my way.”  She turned from the screen and walked out of Astrometrics.

A few minutes later Chakotay rose as Seven of Nine walked into the Captain’s ready room.  “Seven!” He smiled, “Please sit.”  He motioned toward the chair opposite him.

“I would prefer to stand.”  She answered as she stood before him with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Alright.”  He answered as he sat back down in the Captain’s chair.  “Seven, “ Chakotay sighed as he leaned forward in his chair rubbing his hands together.  “You are aware that the Captain is having some difficulty adjusting from her accident.”  He spoke solemnly.

“I am aware,” Seven responded nodding her head.

“I would like you to assist the Captain in making a smoother transition regarding this situation.”

“Explain.” Seven requested evenly.

“To be quite honest with you no one else has been able to help her.  Tuvok has gotten nowhere.  The doctor, as well as Neelix, have gotten them selves barred from her quarters, B’Elanna no longer has the patience and I –“

“Cannot handle her either.”  Seven finished for him raising her implant-covered brow with a small smirk.

He smiled and leaned back with a sigh.  “No, I’m afraid I can’t seem to get through to her either.”

“And you feel that I can help her to – adapt?” Seven questioned incredulously.

“Quite frankly I feel I don’t have a lot of other choices.”  He sighed again with a look of concern written across his face.

“I do not know what I could do to help the Captain, Commander.  I know nothing of being blind.”

“Neither did the rest of us, Seven.  Mostly we tried to be there to assist her when she needed assistance and tried to listen when she needed someone to listen.  None of which she wanted.  Perhaps because she helped you when you were first severed from the Borg Collective.  Maybe you could do the same for her,” he explained.

“I do not believe that the Captain will allow me anymore opportunity than she has the rest of her senior staff.”  Seven surmised.

“You will need to give it your best shot, Seven.”  Chakotay informed her wryly.

“Is that an order, Commander?”  Seven questioned hearing his tone.

“Yes, I’m afraid it is.”  He answered now with a slight smile playing across his face.

She looked at him for several seconds longer than normal weighing her options or lack there of, then replied, “I shall comply.”

“I knew that you would.  You start immediately,” he responded as he stood.

She nodded her head in acknowledgement then walked to the ready room door as it hissed open he called after her, “Seven – you’re dismissed.  And good luck!” 

As the door hissed closed behind her, she could have sworn she heard him laughing.  She stopped for a minute to place it in her eidetic memory to question the commander about it later, and as she walked from the bridge she noticed that no eyes met hers.  Everybody appeared to be smirking for some odd reason purposely not making eye contact.  This too she would question later she thought to herself as she entered the turbolift and requested deck 3.

A month before Captain Kathryn Janeway had been assisting ship’s engineering as she had been known to do from time to time; she was working in a jeffries tube when a power conduit had erupted and sent her flying, slamming her head into a bulkhead.  She had been knocked unconscious for a period of time before she was discovered.  The ship’s Emergency Medical Hologram had worked on her for hours doing all that he could.  It was not until she awoke the next day that they discovered she had lost her sight.  Finding nothing amiss, the EMH ruled it hysterical blindness and informed her that in time her sight would eventually return.  In the mean time Chakotay had temporarily taken over her command and Kathryn Janeway had sealed herself away in her quarters rebuking any and all assistance from her crew.  She had taken refuse in her bedroom and had remained there sinking daily into a depression.  Depressions were familiar for this Captain.  They had been part of her experience before.  Once when her father and her then to-be-husband, Justin Tighe, had died serving Star Fleet and then again when Voyager had entered a void in space not all that long ago.

Today Kathryn Janeway lay in her bed rubbing the bridge of her nose.  Her head ached and it was keeping her from finding solace in her much needed sleep.  Oh how she longed for sleep.  It was the one place she found comfort.  And as she lay wishing for relief she heard the door chime.  Knowing it would only be one of her crew she ignored it.  They have duties to tend to on this ship, why are they here to bother me.  She thought to herself and the door chimed again.  She rolled over and buried her head between pillows blocking out the irritating noise.

After the second try and receiving no response Seven entered the Captain’s quarters.  It was dark and the air stagnant.  She sensed no one in the living area and moved toward the sleeping room.  She knew as she entered this area that the Captain was there.  Her night vision allowed her to see and she could sense the Captain’s respiration.  She is not asleep Seven thought to herself then ordered, “Lights up full!”  And she proceeded to the Captain’s bed where she removed the pillow from over her head.  “Captain.”  Seven questioned, “Why are you here in bed it’s the middle of the day?”

“Because I can.”  Captain Kathryn Janeway growled at Seven, “Now get out!”

“I apologize, Captain, but I cannot comply.”  Seven spoke without reaction.

“Then why pray tell are you here?” Janeway asked extremely annoyed looking into the blackness that lay before her.

“I am here to assist you,” Seven answered now standing with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Like all those who have come before you?” Janeway gnarled. “ I guess it’s your turn, huh?”

“Yes,” Seven replied unwavering.

“If you must assist me, hand me my pillow back and then GET - OUT!”  Janeway barked. 

To Seven the Captain resembled an angry Teheran dog, one that required a bath, grooming and a meal.  I will require a talk with the commander when I have finished here today Seven thought to herself.  Then with a deep breath she reached over, grabbed Captain Kathryn Janeway, picked her up, thank the Gods for Borg strength, and carried her to the ensuite where she turned on the cold water, then stood the frantic screaming captain in the shower.  “You can’t just leave me here!”  Janeway yelled as Seven left the ensuite. 

Seven turned to reply, “I can and I will.  The soap is to your right at 4 o’clock, please use it.”  And with that she left her alone in her miserable darkness.  Seven hoped that the Captain remembered the old earth time measures.

Kathryn Janeway stood in the ice-cold water trembling.  This is crazy, she thought, I just want to be left alone.  Why will they not leave me be?  No one can possibly understand what I am feeling.  And the ice-cold water beat against her until it became painful chilling her to the bone.  4 o’clock – 4 o’clock her mind clicked with self-preservation and she felt her way as she trembled.  4 o’clock, yes here it is, but the water is so c-cold.  I cannot stay in this cold water she thought again as she felt the shower walls for the hot and cold gauges.  Where are they – where –here!  Which one – which one is hot, ahh, this one, yes this one is hot she thought to herself as the water started to warm up.  And as she started to wash herself the darkness within her lightened if only a tiny bit.  All as the darkness she faced slipped from her mind for the moment.

Seven removed the dirty sheets from the bed, but did not replace them.  She did not want the Captain to find comfort back in her bed.  She took the stack of clean sheets and moved them up to a higher shelf in the linen closet.  She would assist the Captain in making the bed later, much later.  Then she headed out to the living area where she brought up the lights, picked up scattered padds and coffee cups, then ran the air cleaner.  Already it started to feel as though it were the Captain’s quarters again.  She then replicated two bowls of chicken soup and a small loaf of sweet brown bread.  After placing their meal on the small dining table she headed back to the ensuite.  “Captain.” She spoke startling Janeway, “Are you clean?”

“Gods Seven!”  Janeway jumped covering her now naked self, “Can’t a person have their privacy?”

“I am sorry, Captain for startling you.  No, you cannot have privacy if I am to assist you,”  Seven answered reaching in to turn off the water then handed her a towel.  “Please dry yourself.  I have made you a nutritional supplement.”

“I’m not hungry.”  Janeway spoke with mild aggravation.

“It does not matter if you are hungry or not.  You are required to maintain your health,” Seven encouraged stepping away giving her some room.  “Your hairbrush is to the right of the sink at 2 o’clock and your tooth brush is to the left at 10.  I will wait for you in your sleeping area.”  And she left Janeway again to work it out on her own.  While she waited she checked the Captain’s closet for suitable attire and decided that a robe would suffice for now.  I will get her dressed and out of her quarters today before I leave, she thought to herself as she laid the robe on the bed and waited.

Ten minutes passed before Janeway spoke from the bathroom.  “Seven of Nine, could you give me a hand?”

Seven did not move, but replied, “Captain.  It is four steps to the door between the bathroom and your bedroom.  Then it is another four steps to your bed.  I believe you can navigate that space without incurring any problems.”

“Seven, could you, please, just give me a hand?”  The Captain repeated in a frustrated voice.

“I believe that is what I am attempting to do, if you would just comply,” Seven replied still not moving, but keeping an eye on her.

Knowing that the ex-borg was not going to accommodate her, Janeway sighed in total aggravation as she felt for the wall and paced her way out of the bathroom stopping when she felt Seven’s hand on her arm.  “Have I gone to far?”  She questioned surprised.

“No, you are standing right next to the foot of your bed.  You need merely take the robe that I have lain out for you there and put it on.  Then we shall go eat.”  Seven answered letting her go then stepping back.  “Your skills as a blind person are most remarkable, Captain.”

“I am blind, Seven, in case you haven’t noticed.”  The Captain replied bitterly.

“No Captain, you are not blind.  You are injured and you – will – heal in time.”  Seven retorted as she reached out and took hold of Janeway’s arm to escort her out to the small dining table.

For the most part they ate their meal in silence.  Seven watched as Janeway made the attempt of buttering her bread but became frustrated once she had smeared butter on her fingers.  Janeway threw the knife across the room, and then heaved her bowl off the table.  She lowered her head and shook it in exasperation.  “I cannot continue to live this way.”  Janeway spoke softly as the depression began to pulse through her.

“Self pity is not becoming to you, Captain,” Seven answered as she walked across the room to retrieve the knife.

Janeway jerked up looking in the direction of Seven of Nine with contempt written over her face.  “How dare you!”  She hissed.

“Was my assessment incorrect?”  Seven answered puzzled. “Are you not feeling sorry for your self?”

“Your are wrong!”  Janeway barked, “I do not feel sorry for myself.”

After placing the knife and bowl in the recycler Seven walked back to Janeway’s side.

“If not pity then what?” Seven continued to question.

Janeway reached up to massage the bridge of her nose wishing her headache would go away she responded tersely, “I am angry!  And I’m especially tired of everyone bothering me about it.”

“Captain, your crew would do what ever necessary to insure a proper recovery on your behalf.  However, you seem to alienate those who care most about you with your – anger,” Seven spoke.  “I imagine it hard being a victim of circumstance.”

It was hard for Janeway to concentrate.  She did not want to listen to Seven of Nine.  It had become difficult to fit the pieces together and understand how she felt.  Perhaps there was an element of pity within her, but mostly it was anger she was feeling.  And here she knew standing before her the ex-borg drone barely understood her own life, or her own humanity and still she was trying to find a way to reach her, the Captain.  I am the Captain she thought again.  I need to be strong, but how? She questioned herself.  It was all so confusing.  Her life had become a cloudy gray day and she looked toward her sky with a frown hating where she had found herself.  She was a victim and she dislike that very much.

“You have some accountability in your circumstance, Captain.  It is that simple.  You need simply forgive yourself for having been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  Seven interjected.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Janeway responded not choosing to let go of her anger.

“Captain,” Seven spoke, knowing a different approach was warranted. “Perhaps if we went for a walk.”

“I am not going to be paraded around this ship like some kind of animal!”  Janeway snapped.

“Captain.  I will not allow you to remain in your quarters,” Seven stated.

And Janeway laughed at that, “How can you stop me?” She growled.

“If I cannot get you to walk on your own two feet.  I shall carry you,” Seven replied evenly.

“You would do no such thing,” Janeway bit back.

“I am here to assist you, Captain.  I am here to help you adapt.  I shall - carry you around this ship if necessary,” Seven confirmed.

Somehow Captain Kathryn Janeway did not want to find out whether Seven would do as threatened.  She rose from her chair and pushed it in.  “Well – let’s get going then.”  She sighed.  This was one lesson she would not learn the hard way.

“Captain.”  Seven spoke up, “Would you not be more comfortable in proper attire?”

This stopped Janeway.  Seven walked to her and took her arm.  “I guess the robe wouldn’t do would it?”  Janeway made a slight attempt at humor as she walked to her bedroom to get dressed.

With her head still throbbing slightly she no longer wanted to argue.  Possibly bargaining would work better.  “If I go for this walk will you then leave me alone?”

“I have duties to finish before end of my shift.  I will leave you unassisted until I have completed these tasks,” Seven conceded.  “After our walk.”



They had walked several decks on the ship.  Crewmembers stopped from time to time asking the Captain how she was doing and when she would be back on the bridge.  It took all the strength Kathryn Janeway had to endure this, but she did manage.  She hated having the crew see her in this helpless state.  When they arrived back at her quarters she found herself exhausted from the little bit of physical activity they had just accomplished.  Seven left her on the sofa along with a cup of coffee and several audio padds that contained a couple harlequin books Janeway seemed to enjoy.

“I will return at the end of my duty shift,” Seven informed as she started to step through the door.

“Take all the time you need Seven,” Janeway answered as she sipped her coffee, hearing the door hiss closed.  Finally, she thought to herself I can go back to sleep, but the sleep she had so desperately longed for a few hours ago eluded her now.  She recognized that she was physically tired, but her mind had cleared.  The walk had done her a world of good although she would keep this fact to herself.  She thought of her morning with Seven of Nine so far the only one to have gotten beyond her some how.  Of course why wouldn’t she, resistance was futile to her Janeway chuckled to herself with that thought.  She had allowed this person more latitude than any that had come before her.  Her anger also had waned vaguely allowing her to think somewhat more clearly.  She was now able to see somewhat that the others had only meant well.  They had tried to give her what they felt she needed and she had rejected them, even barred them from her quarters.  Oh Katie you can be so pompous when you chose, she thought feeling quite dreadful and realizing the need for many apologies.  However Seven had not yielded to her.  She found this thought in an odd way exceedingly tantalizing. 

Her mind drifted to other issues she seldom gave credence.  Her thoughts regarding Seven of Nine had been taking on a different hue.  A smile played on her face as she considered how this woman always found a way to incite her, to get on her last nerve.  There was no one else on this ship that could anger her to the extreme Seven could by merely challenging her command.  From the beginning Seven had never a use for the command structure that Star Fleet imposed or she herself had in place aboard Voyager.  No one else aboard her ship would she allow to challenge her quite in the same as Seven.  Why was that and how did it come about?  She questioned herself.  Why did she allow Seven more latitude than anyone else?  Because she had been Borg for 18 years of her life, ripped from her humanness at such a young age?  Because she had severed her from the Borg Collective and was attempting to give her back her humanity?  Because the woman six foot tall in stature, blonde hair, pouty lips and the most beautiful ice blue eyes could draw this Captain in without the slightest idea?  She allowed this woman latitude because she permitted her own self this indulgence.  Indulgence, she laughed to herself was not a strong enough word.  It was more than that she was sure.  Desire floated threw her.  Captain Kathryn Janeway shook her head as though the thought she was now having was not permissible.  What are you doing Katie, she thought, this is one of your crew you’re thinking about in this way.  But she couldn’t help herself, just as she could not help this blindness.  Hmm, she thought, recognizing that her spirits had brightened a little.  As Kathryn Janeway picked up a padd containing one of her beloved stories, she also found herself longing for the ex-borg’s return.



Seven made her way to the bridge.  As she exited the turbolift Tuvok raised his eyebrow.  “Lieutenant Commander.”  She acknowledged him, but kept moving until she stood in front of Chakotay.  “Commander, could we speak in private?”  she asked almost commandingly.

Chakotay looked up at Seven, “How is she today?”  He inquired.

“She is fine, in private please?” she again asked.  With this he stood and they walked to the Captain’s ready room.  Once in side he sat and she as usual stood.

“Commander.  Captain Janeway has been cleaned up, given a nutritional supplement and has participated in a short physical activity.  I have several duties that need to be addressed in Astrometrics and would like to attend to these while the Captain rests.”  Seven informed.

“You got her to eat?”  Chakotay responded with a surprised look on her face.

“Yes, approximate 120 milliliters of soup before she threw the bowl on the floor of her quarters.”

“She threw the bowl?”  He grinned in astonishment, and then his face grew serious.  “But how is she, really?” he asked gravely

“As I said, she is fine.  She is extremely argumentative and pities her condition,” Seven answered.

“What was the short physical activity?” Chakotay questioned.

“We went for a walk on decks 3, 7 and 9.  I attempted one more deck, but she started to grow irritable.”  Seven responded, “And I felt it best we return to her quarters before I she needed carrying.”

“You actually got her out of her quarters.”  Chakotay was thoroughly amazed. “How did you manage that?”

“I informed the Captain that she either walk or be carried.” Seven smirked.

Chakotay laughed as he massaged his tattoo-covered brow.  “Well, it appears you are assisting the Captain in quite a capable manner,” he allowed.

“I find the task at hand extremely aggravating, but will not fail,” Seven spoke.

“Keep me informed,” Chakotay answered.  “You may finish up your shift in Astrometrics.”

“Thank you.”  Seven said, “Am I dismissed?”

“Yes and Seven.” He spoke, “Keep up the good work”

“Aye – Aye, Commander.”  She responded as she left the ready room.  Three hours later she finished her shift, stopped in the cargo bay to enter information into her workstation there, then headed for deck 3 and the Captain’s quarters once again.  She hoped the rest of the day would go a little better than how it had started with the Captain.



When the door to her quarter’s hissed open Janeway looked up.  “Seven?” she questioned.

“Yes Captain,” Seven responded pleased to see the Captain awake and still in her living area where she had left her.  She was especially happy to see the small smile her Captain’s face contained.  “How was your afternoon?”

“Uneventful,” Janeway replied without a hint of the earlier anger.

Odd, Seven thought as she walked to the sofa where the Captain now lounged.  She had tilted her head ever so slightly so that her optical implant could observe the Captain more closely finding the change in her attitude questionable.  And Janeway knowing Seven as well as she did also knew she was being observed.

“I’m fine, Seven,” Janeway spoke.

“Indeed,” Seven replied still not convinced.

Janeway sighed not really wanting to explain her change in attitude.  “Truly.  I feel much better.  I spent the afternoon reflecting on my current situation.  I still possess a certain amount of anger, but then who wouldn’t if found in my position.”

“I see,” Seven allowed.  “Then perhaps you would permit me to escort you to the mess hall for dinner?”

Janeway stopped her self from reacting.  Perhaps the anger she possessed still sat a little to close to her emotional edge.  “What will that accomplish?” she asked instead.

“You would learn to feel comfortable with your self and your crew,” Seven responded. “As well as filling your nutritional requirement for this evening.”

“Would it do me any good to argue either point?”  Janeway questioned with a smile half playing on her face.  Seven stepped directly in front of Janeway grabbing her hands she pulled her up.  As she looked down into the face of Kathryn Janeway she felt a sudden sensation course through her and filed it quickly away in her eidetic memory.  She let go Janeway’s hands and stepped back.  “ I guess not,” Kathryn answered herself.



“Well I’ll be damned!” Exclaimed B’Elanna Torres, Voyager’s Chief Engineer as Seven escorted Captain Janeway into the mess hall.

“What?!” Questioned Tom Paris as he whipped around to see what B’Elanna was looking at.  “Wow!”

“Leave it to the ice queen to do what no other could.”  B’Elanna spoke curtly.

“You’re just jealous,” Tom Paris remarked looking at his current lover.

B’Elanna looked at Tom as if she wanted to rip his head off.  Acquiescence was written across his face and then he got a bright idea, stood and motioned for Seven to bring the Captain over.  When he turned back around B’Elanna was growling at him.

“Oh give me a break Lanna!”  He retorted, “It’s for the Captain.”  But before she could respond their invited guests had arrived.

“Mr. Paris, B’Elanna Torres,” Seven greeted as she pulled out a chair for the Captain to sit in.  Then promptly walked around the table and sat also.

“Captain!  It is good to see you!”  Tom remarked with the biggest smile on his face.

“It’s good to hear your voice, Lieutenant,” Janeway replied.

“Captain, how are you – feeling?”  asked B’Elanna tentatively.

“Much better, B’Elanna, thank you,”  the Captain answered and she felt across the table in the direction of the Klingon’s voice and found her hand.  “I’d like to apologize, if I may, for my behavior over the last few weeks.”

“No apology necessary, Captain,” B’Elanna replied, “I’d have been just as gnarly.”

“Gnarly, huh?”  Janeway chuckled.

“Quite.”  B’Elanna added and then she spoke to Seven.  “How did you manage this?”

“By limiting her choices down to two,” Seven replied. “The Captain made a good choice.”

“I see.”  B’Elanna responded impressed regardless of how she felt about the ex-borg.

“So Captain,” Tom Paris spoke wanting to move the conversation on, “should we expect to see you back on the bridge soon?”

The question took Janeway by surprise, as she had not thought there would be a purpose served by her being on the bridge and blind.  “Where as you may see me on the bridge, Lieutenant, I doubt that I shall see you,” she quipped.

Tom’s cheeks turned red as he realized what he had said.  “I’m sorry, Captain.”

“No need,” Janeway answered back apologetic in her own reply.

“Captain, I am going to find something palatable to consume.  Can I get you something?”  Seven spoke up.

“If you don’t mind?”  The Captain asked quite content to stay put for a while.

“Good luck!”  B’Elanna laughed, “Neelix came up a little short on palatable today.”

As Seven stood from her chair she looked from B’Elanna’s plate to Tom’s.  “I shall endeavor to find - something.  She spoke but the look on her face read hopelessness as she left the table.

“Is there anything you need, Captain?”  B’Elanna asked.

Janeway chuckled as she answered with a question, “You have to ask?”

“At least you seem to be humored now,” the Klingon replied.

“The humor seems to keep me from being – gnarly.  And I have found that Seven tends to be a little less restrictive to my wants when I am better behaved.”  The Captain alluded.  They continued to talk even after Seven had come back with their dinners.  Neelix eventually made his way over to their table upon Seven’s insistence, where he also received an apology of sorts from the Captain.  After dinner the Captain and Seven walked several decks to offset their meal then found their way back to the Captain’s quarters.



“Would you mind fixing me a cup of coffee?” the Captain asked as she found herself standing in front of her sofa.  “And of course if there is something you would like.”

“I require nothing, Captain, but will fix you your request,” Seven replied as she walked to the replicator.  She replicated the coffee and returned to where Janeway now sat. 

The Captain patted the seat next to her on the sofa.  “Please sit?”

“I –,“ Seven started but was interrupted.

“Really, sit.”  The Captain commanded and Seven sat promptly.  They sat for a couple minutes in silence before Kathryn Janeway spoke.  “You know, Seven.  I am most appreciative for your assistance today.”

“It was merely part of my responsibilities,” Seven stated.

“No, it was more than that.  You could have walked away from this as everyone else did,” Janeway commented.

“That would have indicated failure,” Seven responded.  “That was not an option.”

Janeway laughed quietly at this.  “Yes, I doubt it was.”  She sensed the young woman sitting next to her looking at her.  Feelings from earlier in the day surfaced suddenly. An overwhelming need to reach out rushed her.  She wanted to see the face that looked in her direction, if not see it, then touch it.  How could one sense not working drive the others to overworking she pondered to herself.

Seven identified that the Captain’s respiration had heightened, that her body temperature rose.  And as she watched the Captain’s face she saw a different need than earlier written on it.  It was something that was inviting in an unspoken way.  Without any warning her emotions seemed to compel her, wanting to move her toward her captain.  Was it the look?  Was it the smell?  They all raced through her being and she stood up from the sofa not understanding what was happening.  It made no sense.  Human physiology was at best a mystery.  Somehow and for some reason her body sensors went into hyper drive.  The EMH could perhaps treat this in some way.

“Seven?”  Kathryn Janeway questioned with concern wondering why the young woman jumped up.  She reached out and found a hand taking it into her own.  “Tell me.  What’s wrong?”

“I do not know.”  Seven responded trying desperately to focus on where her malfunction might be.  She had no idea why she suddenly felt weak in the knees or why her heart pumped blood at such a rate her head spun.  She knew she needed help, but what kind of help that was she was unsure.  Seven pulled Kathryn Janeway to her feet thinking it to be the answer since she had always helped her before.  The smaller slight woman stood only inches away and as she looked up toward the 6-foot beauty her breath caught.

 “I am not functioning properly.  I must go see the doctor.”  Seven spoke uneasily.

Janeway reached up with one hand and softly felt Seven’s cheek.  “Captain?”  Seven inquired into Janeway’s tender touch, as it seemed to intensify her physiological sensations in an unfamiliar way.

“Please,” Kathryn Janeway rasped quietly and calmingly.  She brought her other hand up slowly to hold Seven’s face, “just Kathryn.”  And she pulled the face down to her gently.  Oh so gently and kissed her. 

It ended before Seven could even respond and respond was what her senses willed her to do.  She looked down at the woman in front of her and started putting this new emotional puzzle together quickly.  When the last piece was set into place Seven lay her hands on Kathryn Janeway’s shoulders, pulling them gradually together.  Her lips found Kathryn’s tenderly at first then turning into a feverish need by both women.  Their hands wandering hurriedly about each other, pulling at clothes looking for any place to rest, just any place to feel, needing physical contact.  Needing…  Needing…  Needing to breathe Kathryn broke away from the kiss.  She whispered, “I want so desperately to see you.” 

Seven opened her eyes looking deep into the darkened eyes that peered back seeing nothing else except blind desire.  She closed her eyes then, brought her hands to the face in front of her tracing her features with her fingers.  Committing it all to her eidetic memory and replied. “I want to see you the way you see me.”

This brought a sound from deep inside of Kathryn, a release of sorts.  She replied her voice husky with need, “My bedroom.”  Was all she managed to get out before Seven had lifted her and she drew her arms around this woman’s neck searching the air around her for the lips, those pouty lips until she found them, kissing them quickening it along tongue begging for entrance then forcing it’s way through without being stopped.  She felt herself being lowered slowly, lowered lips still connected.  As they stood joined Seven reached back to unfasten the unitard and it fell away.  Kathryn’s hands felt around Seven’s shoulders, caressing… memorizing… unhurriedly down her arms… slowly… feeling… slowly, moving her fingers down to her breasts using her touch as her sight. 

Seven shuddered as fingers circled her dark areolas then rolling her nipples lightly between experienced fingers.  With a sharp intake of breath she threw her head back and a moan from someplace deep within escaped, she felt wetness down her leg.  Never once opening her eyes to question what was happening to her.  She had the sexual experiences of many species within her eidetic memory to draw from; any questions she might have would have to wait until later… much later.

Captain Kathryn Janeway knew she did not need sight to get to where she wanted.  Kathryn Janeway knew that she needed no assistance to get what she desired.  All of this would be accomplished on her own she thought as her right hand left Seven’s breast trailing down the lean body before her.  Her hand stopped to caress an implant rough metal against her skin it only served to drive her further in pursuit.  “Seven,” she spoke her voice leaden with desire, “please – undress me.”  It was a command dripping from need that was not readily obeyed.  Janeway leaned into Seven taking her nipple between her lips letting her tongue play.  Seven’s knees buckled slightly.  Kathryn chuckled and continued to let her tongue play.

Seven begged, “K-Kathryn . . .”

“If you want off your feet, undress me.”  Kathryn commanded.  Who was captain?   Who was Borg?  This time the command was met with compliance.  Seven reached up and started to unbutton the blouse Janeway wore.  These are inefficient she thought after the third button and with a slight jerk the last 9 buttons scattered across the bedroom and the blouse being pushed down Kathryn’s arms now laid upon the floor.  The lace bra followed as well as the pants.  They stood now, both trembling with anticipation.

“I must sit.”  Seven spoke her knees going weak.  Kathryn brought her hands up to Seven’s waist, turned her then moved her backwards onto the bed.  Seven scooted back as Kathryn started her ascent kissing every inch of her delicious body starting with her toes then slowly up her long legs.  When she reached her thighs she could smell her scent and her desire heightened as she nipped the rest of the way lingering only shortly where she longed to be.  Kisses… kissing… nibbling until she came to Seven’s breast.  Taking one into her mouth feeling the nipple grow and harden then letting it go and moving on to the other.  Kisses… kissing… nibbling then until she reached her lips.  She sucked on the bottom lip then moved up and covered them both.  She kissed her slowly…  slower… deeper, parting the lips beneath hers with the gentleness of her tongue, feeling Seven respond.  Hands tangled in her hair, stroking slowly, and then touching her cheeks.  Running her hands over Seven’s body feeling the heat her body was giving off, stroking her, sliding over her then down the outside of her thigh as Seven shuddered under her touch.

She reached Seven's inner thighs which gave way to the damp heat of readiness, Kathryn’s fingers descending into the moistness there, moving inside to stroke the throbbing pearl that was sensitive to her touch, making Seven cry out, then gasp for breath as Kathryn fondled her, stroking… slowly… swirling her fingers gently around the little gem in a motion that had Seven arching, pushing against this woman who was taking her.   Seven’s legs fell open to Kathryn allowing a more intimate contact where she found the warm opening, circling it slowly… teasing… desiring she listened intently to Seven's unyielding moans, then with love, she entered her oh so gently…  caringly… knowing no one else had ever been granted such luxury.

Kathryn could feel the sudden embrace of her fingers, resisting briefly and she slowed.  “Seven,” she asked. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No … please …,” Seven answered breathlessly insistent… lost.

Then having been granted some right of passage Kathryn began again.  Being able to touch this woman so warmly, so deeply that she felt surely they would fuse.  She flexed her fingers gently, feeling for what would give Seven the ultimate in ecstasy, finding it with sensitive fingers that circled and caressed, creating a rhythm that sent waves of desire through this young woman. She felt Seven arching passionately beneath her as she touched and stroked until finally, Seven tensed with every muscle in her body, a cry from her that was nothing short of love or passion.

When the ripples subsided Kathryn had not withdrawn her fingers. Instead, she sought out Seven’s lips brushing them with her own, then kissing her until her breathing seemed to come more evenly.  Seven was starting to become aware of who was laying on top of her, of who was holding her, gently… very softly… kissing her.

“Kathryn,” she whispered as tears pooled.  “I do not know what to say.  I do not know what just happened.”

“Yes, I know.”  Kathryn smiled as she brushed her fingers smoothly against her cheek feeling the tears, which she gently wiped away.  “You’re okay.”  Kathryn hugged her then and kissed her again tenderly.

Seven lay still then as she tried to assimilate all that had just happened, finally deciding to just enjoy these moments of what she thought must be total contentment.  She ran her fingers up and down Kathryn’s back lightly scratching, pleased that the smaller woman had found comfort in her embrace.  As she scratched she became aware that Kathryn’s respiration was increasing, that her nipples had hardened.  Seven slid her knee up between her legs feeling the heat; the wetness and desire reared its head once again.  She wanted very much to give back to Kathryn what she had just received.

“Kathryn,” she spoke. “I’m not sure I know how to do the same for you.”

“Oh,” Janeway chuckled as she rolled them over. “ I’m sure you can come up with something.” 



Seven was still asleep as Kathryn Janeway stirred.  A smile playing across her face as the thoughts from their previous evening danced through her mind.  She opened her eyes to the grayness and felt the pall of her blindness once again.  Only as she looked around it was not the same blackness as yesterday.  It was gray; it was definitely gray there was light!  She sat up in the bed and looked toward the shadow of the sleeping beauty that lay next to her.  Her heart leaped in excitement and she brought her hands to her smiling lips.

“Kathryn?”  Seven now stirred, peering threw lidded eyes.  “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine actually,” Janeway answered.  “I believe I’m starting to see again.”

Seven sat up now totally awake with concern on her face.  She looked into Kathryn’s eyes.  “We should go to sick bay at once,” she spoke.

“No… no not just yet,”  Janeway answered huskily as she pushed Seven back down running her hand over her breasts.

“Kathryn?”  Seven spoke startled. “You have something else in mind?”

“Yes… yes I sure do,” was her husky timbre answer as she lowered her mouth to Seven’s chuckling to herself that if she could get this much of her sight back from one night what would the day bring.


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