by ~Onyx

posted  January 2004


Disclaimer:  Star Trek Voyager is owned and operated by Paramount.  This idea is owned and operated by me.
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Remarks:  1st in a series parts and all a sequel to “Honor”.   So if you haven’t read “Honor” you may or may not get lost


The Raven, a Stellar class starship for the Rebel Command, settled into its berth at Mars Settlement.  It was yet another successful mission completed and the fifth, for its crew since returning to Earth two years ago.  Captain Anik Hansen now longed for home having only spent a brief time with her parents when they resettled on Earth after the Rebel victory.  Now, she and her crew were granted a month’s shore leave.  It was her intention to take full advantage of it.  Who knew when it would occur again?

As she prepared to leave her quarters, the communications system signaled an incoming call.  She sighed wondering when it would all end.  Dropping her duffle bag, Anik walked toward the system.  She pressed a button and the face of Admiral Sisko appeared.

“Admiral,” she greeted shortly.  He stood between her and a gin and tonic.

“Captain Hansen - another successful mission.  Congratulations.”  He drawled the acknowledgment.

“Always a pleasure, Sir.”

“I have some news I require you to hear - in person.”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.  I was about to disembark.”

“Make it 5.”

“It must be important,” she remarked.  True to her nature, her face gave no indication of caring one way or another.  It was a common expression that often gave people the idea she was aloof.

“Yes… yes it is…” He tossed the centuries-old baseball he was playing with, up over his head then caught it.  A smile, almost devilish, played on his face.  He took his eyes off the ball and turned them directly on the captain. “Sisko out,” he finished.

Her view screen went blank, leaving Anik to stare at it.  She shook her head and rolled her eyes.  “This better have nothing… nothing to do with my shore leave!” she spoke out loud, picking up the duffle bag in irritation.  She left her quarters and The Raven for what would be the last time.




“What took you so long?”  Admiral Benjamin Sisko asked as Captain Anik Hansen graced his doorway.  His face showed no humor, but his voice hinted of it.

“I made sure my ship was locked down and secure.  Protocol I am sure you understand - Admiral.”

“You’re lucky I’m a patient man.”

“I suppose this is true.  But I believe I possess the greater amount of patience at present.”

“Why is that?” he questioned leaning back in his chair.

“I am officially on shore leave and somehow not on my way to Earth.”

He rubbed his hands together then reached for his baseball.  “Captain Hansen,  this will only take a moment of your duly-noted precious time.  I understand your hurry, but please… Have a seat.”

“I would prefer to stand.”

“As you wish,” he said, raising his eyebrows and nodding his head in agreement. “I have decided to give Commander Yar her own ship.”

“I concur - she is quite capable of commanding her own ship and crew.”

“She will be taking your place as the captain of The Raven,” he spoke, watching the young captain for a reaction.  It did not come and for this he was grateful.

“You will take command of the new Emissary class ship, The Brazen.”

“Yes, Sir,” she replied nodding, her eyebrow quirked.  Anik knew not to question her commanding officer’s reasons; after all she served at the pleasure of Rebel Command.

“It is a much larger vessel than what you are used to, along with a significantly larger crew complement.  Can you handle it?” he teased already knowing her capabilities provided for such.

“I will do what I have to do for the Rebel forces,”  she answered then asked unwaveringly.  “Who will be my first officer?  I assume the choice has already been made for me.”

He smiled.  The next information Sisko shared would be the real test of her command.  “Commander Janeway,” he replied.

“Senior or Junior?”  she asked wondering why either man would have requested military duty at this time in their lives.

Still playing, Sisko caught the ball in mid air. His smile disappeared.  “Neither, Captain Hansen.  Your Number One will be Commander Ka’lin Janeway.”

The previously staid look on her face faded to pure astonishment.  She never thought the Romulan hybrid would ask for a place in Rebel Command.  Never… in a thousand years.  Let alone second in command to her.

“I - I am surprised.”  She stuttered.  Admiral Sisko watched the falter, but noted its brevity as the expression on the captain’s face quickly masked over surprise.

“I thought you would be.  But I believe it will be a good fit.   You will train her well to command her own vessel.”

“Perhaps she is already capable of handling her own command?”  Anik responded.  In the back of her mind she wondered why if command was willing to go this far then why not a step further.  Surely Janeway’s credentials as Commander of the Romulan fleet would support it.

“Perhaps, but not until we’ve had a good look at her first.  There are those who fear this decision.  There are those among us who still have a great distrust of the Romulans who chose to become a part of us, hybrid or other.”

“And you?” she questioned, wondering what his position was.

“I believe she will serve you well.”

“I see,” she replied sighing.

“And you, Captain.  How do you feel about it?”

“I am willing to trust Commander Janeway since Command does.”

“Good.  Doubts would not serve you well.  Now - what about your shore leave?  Perhaps it’s time to get started.”

“Yes - yes I would agree.  Admiral?” her request was for dismissal.

Sisko sized her up.  He knew these latest decisions by Rebel Command would change her future, but exactly how was unknown.  He knew if anyone would grow from the experience and handle it well, it would be Anik Hansen.  It was for this very reason he liked this particular young captain.  “Well then - I will see you in a month.  You are dismissed, Captain.”

She came to attention and nodded acknowledgement of his order.  The next thing he saw was the door of his office shutting behind her.  Yes - this is why I like her, he thought to himself, she takes orders well. 




Ka’lin Janeway made a decision and moved on it.  It was a decision that would not be popular with either parent.  She preferred they both hear it from her instead of from someone else.  However, her father and grandfather were called away by Rebel Command and would not be back before she was to start her new position. Ka’lin walked into the kitchen of her parent’s home.  She poured her self a cup of coffee, and took a sip as she turned and looked at her mother sitting at the kitchen table.

“Mother,” she spoke, taking the steps to join Gret Janeway.  The hesitancy in Ka’lin’s voice was obvious.

“What child?  What troubles you?”  Gret questioned with a gentleness which could be felt.

Handle it straight forward, Ka’lin thought then spoke, “Mother, I’ve decided to take a position with the Rebel Command.”

Gret Janeway shifted in her chair.  It was the only outward display of a sigh. “I knew it was only a matter of time before you would need to move on with your life.  What is this position you speak of?”

“At month’s end I will be the second in command of the Rebel Command’s newest ship.”

“I would have preferred you remain grounded,” the older woman replied.  She had begun to think her worries were all in the past, obviously today this was not so.  “But only second in command?” she added as an afterthought.

“I miss being out there,”  Ka’lin replied looking off in the distance.  “I didn’t know I would so much.”

“Who will your commanding officer be?”  Gret asked, hearing that it wasn’t the command Ka’lin missed.

“I don’t know yet.  Rebel Command said they would notify me as soon as the new ship commander was informed.”  Ka’lin stood up and adjusted her tunic.

“There are those who will not trust you.  What then?” Gret inquired, looking up at her daughter concern written across her brow.

“I will simply have to make them trust me.”

“Is that possible, daughter?”

The only way of finding the boundary of what is possible is to venture a little way past it into the improbable,”  Ka’lin reasoned, frustration edging her voice.  She had thought her mother would be easiest to deal with, but she was mistaken.  She placed her hands on her hips in a determined way.  “I’m saying I will work hard for it, Mother.”

“And what if it is not enough?”  Gret asked, ignoring her daughter’s display of authority.  In her home she was still in command.

Ka’lin sighed knowing her mother was only looking out for her.  “Then I shall be most adamant.”  She was standing straight.  It was a stance she had assumed many times aboard her warbird as commander of the Romulan fleet.  It was a position Gret Janeway knew quite well.

“A desk position would have been simpler,” Gret offered, knowing it would be doomed to deaf ears.

“I would lose myself in such a position.”

“Perhaps… perhaps not. Who’s to say?”

“Mother.”  Ka’lin would entertain the conversation no further.  Sitting behind a desk shuffling paper from one side of it to another when she could be out in space making a difference held no weight.  She had been given an opportunity to prove herself, to make a place for herself and she would step up to it.  Ka’lin considered the only reason she told her parents was out of respect, nothing more - after all it was her life.

“I cannot say I like your decision, my daughter, but I will support your choice as best I can,” Gret finally accepted.  She knew her daughter had the strength and determination to do well. “What then of your father?” she asked knowing that this conversation was hardly more than practice for the next one Ka’lin would have.

Ka’lin looked at her mother forlornly.  “Would you?”  She asked her mother knowing full well the reply.

“No.  This must only come from you.  However, as I said, I will support your choice even to him.”

“I’ll be gone before he and grandfather arrive back.”

“You work for Rebel Command now, dear.  I’m sure they can get in touch with your father.”

Ka’lin sighed.  Telling her father would be monumentally difficult.  She had taken the position against his expressed wishes.  His idea of a job was tucked away safely on Earth and as far away from space travel as possible…  as far away from the Romulan Empress as possible, though the latter was not a concern he had shared with his daughter.

“It is a simple concession, my daughter.  And it is the first of many, I believe,” her mother informed, a smile playing at the corners of her lips.  “You will survive.”




 Anik’s skin had browned up in the two weeks she had spent on the beach.  With over eight months in space she had begun to look withered and extremely pale.  The warmth, bathing Anik brought a smile to her face; though she loved lazing on the beach, sipping margaritas and relaxing, she loved commanding her ship and being in space more.

“What’s on your mind?” Red painted nails raked softly down Anik’s naked thigh as if asking a question of their own.

“Nothing.”  Anik responded, turning her head toward the inquisitive woman.

“Liar,” she chortled, knowing her lover better than that.

“Yar?  Have I ever lied to you?”  A pout formed on Anik’s face as she looked over the rim of her sunglasses.   Innocent blue eyes begged for forgiveness she knew she would not receive.

“Many times, but I’m seldom in a position to question it,”  Tasha Yar replied shortly.  She snapped her hand away.  It was a topic they visited many times before.  She knew she was embarking upon a lose – lose subject.  As once second in command of The Raven it was something she had grown use to.

“In a week you’ll assume a new position,”  Anik quipped.

Yar sighed, shaking her head before replying.  “You’re impossible.  In a week you’ll still be impossible and there will be light years between us.”

Anik looked out over the ocean, the tide taking her reply away.  The distance it created did not go unnoticed as Yar stood up and shook the white sand from her beach towel.  “I’m going for a walk.  Do you want to come?” she inquired with a little more hope than she intended only to end up sighing.  “It’ll be a while before we have the chance to do this again.”

Anik shaded her eyes, looking up at the woman standing over her.  She recognized a hint of sadness and it brought her to her feet.  Anik cared a lot for this woman and she knew after tomorrow they would board different ships.  Anik reached out, took Yar’s hand and gave it a squeeze.  “You are going to make a great captain, Captain Yar.”  It was all Anik could bring herself to say, already taking emotional steps away from a relationship that once spanned both her work and private life.

Sensing the distance, Yar replied without opposition.  “I learned from the best.”  They both smiled, knowing perhaps it was to be the last time they would be headed in the same direction at the same time.

“How about dinner instead of a walk?”  Anik asked feeling her stomach growl.

“I’d have to shower first,”  Yar replied rubbing her hand down her arm. “I’m sandy.”

A devilish grin played on Anik’s face. “Really?” she questioned playfully. “A shower?”  She stepped into Yar’s personal space, looked into her eyes then kissed her.  “Is this something you can manage alone?”  Anik toyed.

The small moaned escaped Yar’s lips.  She hated it when Anik teased, but before she could reply Anik had grabbed up the towel she was laying on and was now sprinting toward their condo.

Looking back over her shoulder, knowing it was a win – win situation Anik yelled, “Come on Captain!!  Your ship’s about to sail!”



to be continued ...


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