Harley Davidson

by ~Onyx



Disclaimers: Paramount owns Star Trek, no copyright infringement is meant.  The story line, however, is mine.  And no unfortunately I don’t own Harley – Davidson either, but I couldn’t get passed the thought of Seven of Nine in leather on a motorcycle with Janeway pressed to her back.
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Star date 5234.5


Tom Paris was finished with his Alpha shift.  He was seated in the mess hall playing with his dinner and thumbing through a magazine from the 21st century called ‘WHEELS’.  As he came upon a 2004 Harley Softtail Fatboy his pulse raced.  Oh to be saddled on this baby, he thought.

“Tom Paris, are you alright?” came the inquiry from behind, jostling him from his magazine.  Seven of Nine recognized the increase in his respiration and stopped out of concern.


“Oh - Seven, I’m fine!  I was just admiring this bike,” he replied quite happy to share the magazine with her.  Tom was the proverbial boy with a want for all the cool toys.


“Ah,”  she responded as she looked over his shoulder at what captivated him. “A rather interesting uniform the young lady is dressed in, yes?”  The model posing with the motorcycle was scantily clad in little more than leather chaps.


At this Tom Paris laughed, “Yes it is, but it is not what I find most appealing.”  He tapped the picture of the Harley.  “This – now this is a most awesome piece of machinery,”  he explained with a twinkle in his eyes.


“It must be - love.”  Seven droned, “Is B’Elanna Torres aware of this?”  She quirked her implant covered brow along with a questioning smirk.


Paris grinned.  “Please, have a seat!”  He offered then proceeded to explain the facts of why this particular motorcycle caught his eye.


“I’m thinking of building this one.  What do you think?”  Paris pointed out to Seven who now was apparently intrigued with what lay before her.  She found it interesting and would have to ponder her attraction to it later.  It was even more interesting to find herself relaxed in Tom Paris’s company.  Most other times their relationship was antagonistic at best.  His relationship with B’Elanna Torres, who was extremely outward in displaying her contempt for Seven, kept Seven away from the couple unless ship’s business dictated otherwise.


“I believe it would be – fun for you, Tom Paris.  Would this also be an experience I would enjoy as well?  she questioned, looking from magazine to fair haired peer.


“Seven, just Tom – please,” he said, thinking perhaps he could be a friend with this woman.  Today he was not sensing the usual coldness she generally exuded.  B’Elanna will think I have lost my mind of course, but hey what the heck.  “And yes, I believe you would enjoy this – experience.”


“If it will not cause you much discomfort, I would like to see how it – handles - also.”


Tom replied, “No, no discomfort at all, it’s a date.  I’ll let you know when I’m ready to take her for a ride.”


Seven furrowed her brow. “Mr. Paris, I do not believe B’Elanna Torres would appreciate – our - recreational time together considered as a ‘date’.”


“You’re right, she wouldn’t!” he answered what appeared to be a warning, “Just plain recreational time it is then.”





Alpha Shift ~ Several Days Later


“Captain, I am picking up a distress beacon.”  Lt. Harry Kim informed Janeway.


“How far off our current heading is it, Mr. Kim?” inquired the captain, leaning forward in her chair.


“5.7 light-years at warp 8, Captain.  We should be able to reach it within 30 hours.”  Harry advised.


Janeway hated to deviate from their current course toward the Alpha quadrant.  Her decision took only seconds. “Mr. Paris, set a new course to the distress beacon.  Let’s go see if someone needs our help.”


“Aye, Captain, course laid in,”  Lt. Tom Paris, Voyager’s helmsman, responded as he keyed in the new coordinates.


“Chakotay, you have the bridge,”  Janeway informed as she rose from her seat and walked to her Ready room.  Behind closed doors the replicator and coffee became her first intention, after which she proceeded to her desk where piles of departmental PADDs awaited.  This was the part of her job she detested, but it was a necessary task which seemingly filled some of the void as they traversed the Delta quadrant toward home I could really use an assistant, she thought to herself, grabbing the first PADD.  Ah Katie, you could use a lot of things way out here, the little voice in her mind responded back and she chuckled thinking, yes – yes I certainly could.


It was a short time later when her door chimed.  Welcoming the distraction she answered, “Come!”


“Captain Janeway.” Entered Seven of Nine carrying a PADD, “I have studied the space surrounding the distress beacon and a beacon is all it is.”  She handed Janeway the PADD then took a step back as if at attention hands clasped behind her back.  Janeway read the report and leaned back in her chair with a sigh.


“I don’t want to put this ship through anymore than what we have to.  We are already in need of repairs.”  Janeway said, “but I cannot ignore a distress beacon.”


“Cannot Captain?  I believe you mean - will not,” Seven countered.  “We can not save everyone we come across.”


And this is what she liked most about Seven of Nine, her directness like it or not.  Like her or not, Katie, uttered the little voice.  Captain Janeway cleared her throat and sat forward in her chair folding her hands together, “Seven, how would you feel if you were in distress and no one came to help?”


“My feelings are irrelevant,”  Seven replied.  Janeway stood up from her chair and promptly moved around the desk.


“Seven of Nine,” she started.  “What is the worst thing which could happen based on the facts you have just presented?”  Janeway leaned back on her desk front crossing her arms.


“We use up this ship’s much needed resources for no reason.”


“In other words -.” Janeway smiled. “Nothing?”


“Captain, I am in the process of looking for our next source of Dilithium and other necessary crystals,” Seven reminded.  “It would seem a better cause to take Voyager off course for.”


“So noted,” Janeway answered then stepped into Seven of Nine’s personal space.  “Now, what really brought you to see me?”


This invasion of space caused Seven some personal discomfort at which she was at a loss to describe, but her borgness held fast as she remained stalwart.  She greatly admired the Captain for her ability in knowing her so well.  Her Borg efficiency would not have allowed her to visit the Captain without good reason and taking day’s trip to investigate ‘nothing’ was not a good enough reason when someone appeared to be in distress.  Touché Captain, Seven thought to herself.


“Captain, I will not be able to participate in our scheduled Velocity match this evening.”


“And you came all the way to my ready room to inform me of this?”  Janeway commented, sensing Seven’s discomfort yet doing nothing to alleviate it.  She simply continued to look up at the 6 foot Borg losing herself in the closeness as she considered the beauty Seven possessed.  She wondered if Seven understood the power of such beauty.  How it could transfix you, reach out and pull you in.  She cleared her throat bringing herself back to reality, Katie!  Katie my girl!  What are yuh doin’ to the poor lass! The little voice roused, Heck what are yuh doin’ to yourself?  Invading her crew’s personal space from time to time was something Captain Janeway used as a means of reminding people who she was and what she controlled.  However, with Seven of Nine, it took on a different meaning something a bit more personal, most often taking the control out of her own hands leaving her more a victim to her own feelings.  Feelings Seven of Nine was always able to stir from the day she first confronted her in the brig after separation from the Borg Collective.


“I would like to reschedule, if you do not mind?”  Seven said ignoring Janeway’s question.  At this, Janeway gave her a break and stepped back.


“When?” She asked as she again leaned back against her desk.  She enjoyed the workout the Velocity matches provided her.  She enjoyed Seven as her opponent because of the skills the young woman possessed and the intensity at which she played.  There matches albeit tiring were also invigorating.


“Tomorrow would be better. At 1900 hours?’


“Tomorrow at 1900 hours it is then,” Janeway confirmed.  “Is that all?”


“Yes, Captain.”  Seven knew this was a dismissal.  As she walked to the ready room door the Captain added, “And Seven of Nine make sure you have your Astrometrics report completed by end of day today.  It is required for tomorrow’s senior staff meeting.”


“Aye, Captain,” she replied as the ready room door hissed shut behind her.


Katie me girl!  You got us all excited there for a minute. The voice picked at Janeway as she moved back around her deskYes I certainly did, Kathryn thoughtfully smiled to her self, sometimes I just let my feelings get the best of me, and Seven is certainly one who always indulges my worst behavior.  She then picked up a departmental Padd and went back to work.




Holodeck 1 – 1800 Hours


Tom Paris thought he out did him self this time.  Before him stood the Harley of his dreams and walking through the holodeck doors was Seven of Nine donning black sunglasses in faded daisy duke denim shorts, a light blue tube top covered by a partially laced black leather vest and a pair of black short top Harley boots.


“Nice sunglasses, Seven!”  Tom quipped as he took in the beauty before him not letting his glance linger.  Yes, he thought to himself, I am certainly going to make an effort to be this woman’s friend.  B’Elanna will just have to deal with it like it or not.


“Is the road ready for us?” Seven questioned, literally, as she walked around the motorcycle admiring Tom’s shiny new creation.


“Yes it is, but first I’d like to see you in these, I mean I’d like for you to put these on,” he corrected as he handed her a pair of black leather chaps.  Seeing her questioning look as she unfolded them he explained, “They’re to protect your legs from the wind or in the event of an accident – really.”


“How?”  she asked.


“Trust me, I’m wearing them, you’re wearing them,”  he stated, but was interrupted by Seven’s comm-badge.


“Janeway to Seven of Nine,” the voice commanded.


Tapping her comm-badge affixed to her vest she responded, “Seven here, Captain.”


“Seven, will I be receiving the Astrometrics report - today?”


Realizing she left the Padd in Cargo Bay 2 she sighed, “Captain, when I have completed my project I will bring it to your quarters.  If this solution is agreeable to you,” Seven replied, hoping to have bought some time.  It was extraordinarily unborg like to have left the Padd behind.


“It is agreeable, Janeway out!”


“We’d better get going, Seven, otherwise the Captain will be most un-agreeable if you show up too late,” Tom commented starting up the bike as she donned her chaps.  There sure is nothing like the sound of a well built Harley, and of course a beautiful woman settling in right behind yuh, he thought as he smiled to himself, pulling the bike onto the road.


It was two hours later when they parked the Harley, both wishing they could have gone farther, but also both recognizing the limitations of their holodeck time.  “So Seven, what say we do this again tomorrow night?”  Tom asked.  “B’Elanna is on Beta shift so I have nothing else to do let’s say at 1900 hours?”


“Can you teach me to pilot?” Seven asked with a slight smile.  “I believe I would like to ride my own.”


“Sounds reasonable to me, tomorrow night I will teach you to – pilot,” Tom smiled.  “Computer end program ‘Paris Harley 2000’.”


“1900 hours it is then,”  Seven confirmed as they exited the holodeck and she headed to cargo bay 2 to retrieve one forgotten Padd.


“Hey Seven,” Tom yelled after her.  “Don’t forget the Captain’s Padd!”


“I have not forgotten, Tom Paris - thank you,” she replied as the turbolift took her away.  Perhaps Tom Paris and I can be friends, she pondered as the turbolift doors shut.


After retrieving the Padd from the cargo bay Seven of Nine made her way to the Captain’s quarters.  She hesitated before hitting the door chime.  This was not a place she found herself very often other than a few late night visits.  And only when something concerning her humanity brought her to the only person, on Voyager, who would make their self immediately available to her - always.  However, this visit was something else.  She was aware she did not perform her duties efficiently, and knew the Captain was also aware.  It was the first time she found something so irrelevant yet so intriguing she failed to perform her duties in a timely manner.  And the Captain was not the person she wanted to fail – ever.  The friendship they embraced was like nothing else she knew.  It appeared to have limitless boundaries, except the one which stood high between it and command.  And she recognized this border as the Captain’s only.  To her it was an inefficient construct in the Captain’s life, but it existed none the less and not just for her, but for all.  Being an Ex-borg drone she found herself challenging this boundary more than others.  At times it left her confined to Cargo Bay 2 and there were times it left her quite confused by the Captain’s responses.  But those really were the times when the response was not from the Captain, but more from Kathryn Janeway her friend.  There were times when you looked into her eyes to distinguish who she was.  She hit the door chime.


“Enter!” came the reply and she did.  Having not changed out of her clothes Seven of Nine stepped into the Captain’s quarters to a very lascivious gaze.  She then walked to the Captain who was seated comfortably on the sofa with whiskey and soda in hand.  Seven extended the Padd to her.


“Captain?”  Seven questioned the Captain’s loitering gaze.  She watched as the gray eyes darkened into a blue then just as quickly faded back to gray.


Janeway blushed as her little voice screamed in her mind, Oh my lord a mercy Katie, would yuh look at this!  Katie!  Katie!  Are yuh hearin’ me now girl!  She accepted the Padd and motioned for Seven to sit.


“I would prefer to stand.”


“Of course you would,” Janeway replied knowing the Borg well enough not to argue with her want of standing.  “May I ask why you are dressed like this?”  Katie!  Do yuh really care as long as she is standing right here in front of yuh? The little voice asked.


“It is appropriate attire for the holodeck program I just finished.”  Seven answered noting the increase in the Captain’s respiration.


“I see,” remarked the Captain, trying very hard to get herself back under her own control, trying very hard to ignore the little voice and trying very hard to keep from rising and entering the beautiful and extremely sexy personal space for some purely selfish reasons.  Janeway stood up, the little voice cheering, Go Katie Go!  She hesitated rethought her next comment, and then headed toward the replicator.  “Would you care for something to drink?”


“I do not require any liquid at this time – thank you,” Seven responded with her standard answer.  Janeway smiled to herself, replicating another much needed and much stronger Whiskey only this time straight up before returning to her place on the sofa.


“Seven, you have never turned in an Astrometrics report late, I must say - I am a little concerned.” 


“I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, Captain – I – am aware I have - failed you.”  Seven hesitated in finding the words she needed.


“Why do you feel you have failed - me?”  Janeway questioned, seeing the emotional impact this minor indiscretion was having on her head of Astrometrics.  “And Seven, please sit.” Kathryn Janeway recognized a long discussion when she saw one, nor was she in want of letting what sat before her now out of her sight for a while.  Yesssss, The little voice cheered happily for once with the decision Katie made.


“You required my report before end of shift.  I did not comply.  Therefore I must have failed.” 


“Why did you not comply?”  Janeway tried to keep a small amount of the Captain in place not ready to personalize where this conversation was surely to head.


“There was something other than duties on my mind.”  Seven responded actually feeling somewhat embarrassed.  Not a feeling she liked or found relevant, but very human much to her dismay.


“Indeed, “the Captain answered, watching as Seven’s face pinked slightly.  “And this – thing - which could distract you from your duties is the reason why you are dressed as you are?”  Janeway questioned with a smile creeping onto her face.


“Yes, I am afraid so.’


“Would you care to elaborate?”  Janeway’s curiosity was piqued.


“Mr. Paris and I were engaged in a holo-program he just created,” Seven began.  “He and I took a short ride on the open road.”


“Ah,” Janeway recognized one of Tom Paris’s 21st century creations.  “Obviously it’s something you’ve found to your liking.”


“Yes,” Seven replied.  “I find it an inefficient means of transportation and use of fuel, yet – fun none the less.”


“And what form of transportation are we speaking of?”


“I believe Mr. Paris refers to it as a Harley-Davidson – Fatboy,” Seven replied.  What little if any command mask disappeared from Janeway’s face.  The little voice responded, Vroooom Katie my girl!


“I see,” Janeway responded recovering from surprise.   “And this is also the reason for your canceling our Velocity match this afternoon?”


Again the flush of color appeared in Seven of Nine’s cheeks as she witnessed the Captain’s smug look.  She felt as if she were caught at something and could not figure out why before she responded, “I - ”


“No,” Janeway interrupted truly not wanting Seven to feel as if she were actually disappointed.  “You owe me no explanation.  You did what you wanted to do and it does not require an excuse.”


“Then why do I feel as I do?  I feel as if I have deceived you,” Seven searched her feelings.  These newer feelings were cumbersome and were confusing.  They were inadequate to deal with.


“Seven, being human comes with a lot of uncertainty.  However, I can assure you, you have not deceived me.  And from time to time it is alright to have something more favorable to do with an explanation, of course.”  Janeway stepped away from being captain and settled into being Seven’s friend.


Their relationship was something she embraced.  She found a certain comfort when she could speak and act as Kathryn Janeway with this woman instead of the Captain.  She found she contemplated the boundaries of this relationship often.  Never knowing exactly where she would allow Seven to go.  Not knowing where she would allow her- self to tread.  It was all left unsaid.  Kathryn looked at the younger woman who sat before her recognizing the emotional turmoil written across her face.  It occurred to her it was the most beautiful face ever seen and it stirred in her a desire kept deeply buried.  It was something she had not felt in a very long time and wondered why now.  I’ll tell yuh why now, Katie, yuh’ve had several whiskies and yuh have a woman settin’ across from yuh dressed for the takin’ the little voice expressed, What’s it gonna take to get this desire stirred up a bit more, ay?


“Captain -. “Seven started to speak.


“Seven, it’s late and we are no longer discussing ship’s business, alright, so please call me Kathryn.”  Janeway excused her from the tardy departmental report.  She knew it would not happen again.


“Kathryn, I will not miss our scheduled Velocity match tomorrow night either.”


“See that you don’t.”  Kathryn smiled as her voice took on a husky lilt.  The tone of Kathryn’s voice caused Seven to stand.  Having taken on a different timbre it caused a misunderstood emotion to surge, and it took her by surprise.  Seven felt an immediate need to escape.


“I believe I require regeneration at this time,” Seven spoke as she hesitated only a second for a dismissal then turned and walked toward the door.  Kathryn stood and followed behind her.  When Seven stopped and turned Kathryn unexpectedly stepped into personal space.  For both of these women, try as they might, whatever boundaries there were became as open to them as the space they traversed.  All things, like time, seemed to stop including their breathing.  Kathryn looked up into the commanding blue eyes and a passion of unthinkable depth stirred her to the core.  Seven enrapt by the smell Kathryn emitted, by the recognition of heightened respiration, by eyes now deepening to a dark blue, and all the while an indescribable excitement welling up in her was the first to breath in what could have been minutes.  Time took its leave from both of them.


“Good night – Kathryn.”  She faltered unable to find her voice and she quickly turned and left the Captain’s quarters door hissing closed behind her.


“Oh my,” Kathryn Janeway thought to herself as she tried to recover, “I have got to stop drinking so late at night.”  Katie, my girl! The little voice chuckled, I don’t believe it was the drink talkin’ to yuh.  She walked to the recycler, placed her empty glass on it then went straight to bed.  It was the only thing she could think to do.


In Cargo Bay 2, Seven stepped into her alcove.  There was a new feeling in town and it was bigger than anything experienced in the past, and it seemed connected directly to the Captain.  She was definitely going to need to confide in someone, but it left her searching, as there were no other friends aboard Voyager.  She would regenerate on it and perhaps be clearer tomorrow.  “Regeneration started,” quipped the computer.




Senior Staff Meeting ~ Next Day


”Lt. Kim what is the status of our distress beacon?”  Captain Janeway asked.  She spent the night tossing and turning replaying Seven’s exit over in her mind.  It left her exhausted and frustrated as the blond often did.


“Captain, I’m afraid there is nothing to report.  It seems to be an old distress beacon placed some time ago.  There is no longer a ship in the vicinity,” Harry Kim reported.


“Very well, it appears we made the trip for nothing,” she concluded, making sure not to look up at Seven of Nine who took up a seat directly opposite her along the wall.


“Captain, if I may?” Seven spoke up.


Here it comes!  Janeway thought to her self then replied, “Go ahead.”


“There is a ‘class M’ planet off of our starboard side one and a half light-years away which would provide us with some of the much needed resources this ship requires,”  Seven announced.  “I made note of it in my report.”


The night before was late and the one report which Janeway did not make it to was Astrometrics before the meeting.  Doesn’t it just figure, Katie, the little voice chided.  Reaching up she massaged the bridge of her nose to try and relieve the onset of a headache the little voice so often triggered.


“B’Elanna, what will it take to get what we need and be on our way?”  The Captain inquired.


“Two days tops, Captain.  I can have a team on it immediately,” B’Elanna reported.


“Make it happen!  Does anyone have anything else?”  Hearing no replies she ended the meeting.


As her senior staff filed out Janeway remained seated, “Seven of Nine, may I have a moment?”  she commanded.  Once they were alone she sighed and spoke still massaging her head.  “Seven, let me apologize if what I am about to say seems short, but I did not get much sleep last night.”


“Are you ill, Captain?”  Seven inquired.


“No, just tired.”  With this she rose and walked to the replicator for a refill on her coffee then returned to her seat.  “I did not mean to be forward with you last evening as you were leaving my quarters.”


“Captain, I did not take it as being forward,” Seven replied.  “However, it did cause me – some discomfort.”


“I am sorry for that.  I have no reason to make you uncomfortable.  As a matter of fact I never want you to feel that way in my presence or my quarters when we are on our own personal time,” Janeway admittedKatie, I don’t believe you will be able to keep yourself from making this happen again, the little voice chortled.


“Captain Janeway?  May I speak freely?”  Seven asked.


“Yes, of course!” Janeway replied.


Captain, the discomfort I felt was most unusual.  I have never been made to feel this way by anyone before and I do not know what to think of it.  I do not understand the emotion and I sensed you experienced the same.  Can you explain?”


Yes Katie, girl, do explain, the little voice piped right up.  Kathryn Janeway knew this time would come, eventually, but she did not ever believe it would involve herself.  She searched her mind for the right thing to say.  “Seven, I think this would be best discussed later.”


“Later, Captain?”  Seven asked with raised implant.


“Yes, perhaps it should be one of our nighttime discussions?”  She needed time to think, as much time as she could get and a nap.  It seemed to her any first time discussion of love would require much time, especially with Seven; who was apparently coming into her womanhood a lot faster than anticipated.  Janeway recognized she was teetering on the delicate balance between mentor and or love interest.


“That would be acceptable,” Seven answered.


“How about we grab a bite to eat after our Velocity match in my quarters?”


“I have another engagement after our Velocity match, I apologize.  Would it be acceptable for you to join me in Holodeck 1 at 2000 hours?”


“I suppose it would be fine,”  Janeway accepted finding herself relaxing from skirting the up coming conversation.


“Good.  Am I dismissed?”  Seven asked.


“Yes, dismissed Seven of Nine.”  Janeway smiled as Seven left the room and she rested back in her chair.  Katie!  We need a nap a big nap it’s gonna be a long one! The little voice sang.




Holodeck ~ 1945 hours


“Seven!  You are a natural!”  Tom Paris exclaimed as they both got off their bikes.  “And I like your taste in cycles!”


“You are a good instructor, Tom,” Seven answered.  They were on the road for almost an hour.  Seven showed Tom the motorcycle of her choice from his magazine and he recreated it exactly.  The Harley Roadster XLH 883 fit her perfectly.  “I have acquired several more hours of holodeck time and wish to take her out on my own.”


“Her?”  Tom inquired with a smile.


“Yes, I believe my bike to be female.”  Seven smiled back not quite knowing why she knew this.  “Perhaps when B’Elanna has finished her mining expedition she would care to join us?


“I don’t know, Seven.  B’Elanna doesn’t exactly like my holodeck toys very much.”


“Perhaps if she were to know you were spending time with me she would like these particular toys - more.”  Seven planted.


“Perhaps,” he laughed as he walked toward the holodeck doors.  “I’ll ask her, but I’m not promising anything.”


“Acceptable, I will see you tomorrow same time.”  Seven affirmed.  They had scheduled rides together, having found they enjoyed each others company.


“Yes, 1900 hours!”  He answered as he walked out of the holodeck.  Seven took the time before the Captain arrived to polish the chrome of her wheel covers.  It was soon after wiping down the bike she heard the hiss of the doors at which she turned her attention toward.


“Captain,” she smiled brilliantly. “Care to join me?”


“Oh Seven of Nine, I don’t know,” Janeway hesitated.  “However, it is an extremely nice looking motorcycle.”


“Captain are you afraid?”  Seven of Nine inquired noting Janeway’s hesitation.


“Well, no, but - ” she started as she walked around the bike.


“I am a safe driver, Captain.  You do not need to be afraid I assure you.”


And with a deep breath she relented, “I suppose a short trip couldn’t hurt.”  She looked at the 6-foot woman standing before her clad in black leather pants and the laced vest.  Her blond hair was no longer captured on her head, but hanging in a French braid down her back.


“A – short trip, indeed,” Seven smiled and handed the Captain a pair of leather chaps and a pair of sunglasses.  “You will need these.”


Kathryn quirked her eyebrow at the items as she took them, “Really now, Seven I - ”


“Kathryn Janeway, please put them on.  They are for your safety and resistance is – futile.” Seven looked at her in a commanding, but friendly way as she climbed on the bike, started it up and turned to watch Janeway don the rest of her attire.  “You are ready?”


“Yes, I suppose I am,”  Janeway answered as she straddled on the back of the bike.


“Hang on,” Seven said and as Janeway did Seven let out the clutch.  Janeway clutched harder, leaned into Seven and away they went.




Big Louie’s Chicken Shack & Gas ~ Virtually 70 miles away



As Seven parked the bike Janeway inquired, “Why are we stopping?”


“I require a nutritional supplement at this time, and the bike requires fuel in order to make the – short - trip back,” Seven explained shutting off the bike and slipping off.  “Tom and I stopped here last night.  The food is adequate.


“I see,” Janeway commented as she followed Seven into the restaurant.  They found a booth towards the back.  Seven sat immediately pulling the menu out from behind the napkin holder.  “What do you recommend?”


“I believe you cannot go wrong if you order a burger,” Seven suggested just as the waitress approached.


“What can I get you ladies?” the waitress inquired looking from Seven to Janeway loudly popping her gum.


“I’ll have a burger with everything, no onion and a coke,” Seven ordered.  Janeway continued to peruse the menu.


“My shift ends in an hour miss.”  The waitress looked at Janeway seemingly annoyed.


“Oh, I’m sorry.  I’ll have what she’s having then,” Kathryn spoke up putting the menu back where she found it as the waitress walked away.


“So Captain, what do you think about our short ride thus far?”  Seven inquired.


“At first I was a little unsure, but as we moved along I guess I settled in.  You seem to ride as if you were born to it,” Janeway commented.  And you settled in behind her quite naturally yourself, Katie, the little voice offered.


“Yes, it feels most comfortable to me also,” Seven added.  “You know we can talk here as well as your quarters later.”


Janeway sighed, “Yes, I suppose we can.”  The waitress brought their Cokes.


“It’s a 20th century drink, Captain.  Mr. Paris referred to it as - soda.”  Seven explained.


“I see, “Janeway took a sip through the straw, “Not bad!”


“It is adequate,” Seven noted.  “Kathryn, please explain the emotions we spoke about this morning.”


Let’s hear it, Katie, my girl, the little voice spoke.  “First you put your discomfort into words for me, if you will,” Kathryn asked accepting now was as good of time as any.


“I felt as if I was caught in a vacuum of some sort and the only thing I could do was look into your eyes.  However, I could smell you even though I felt as though I was not able to breathe and I was able to sense your increased respiration.  I felt as if our beings were trying to fuse together.”


“I see,” Janeway contemplated what she just heard knowing she felt the same thing only not willing to admit it presently. “And this has never happen to you before?”


“I can assure you – not,” Seven answered.  “It took all of my will to leave your quarters.  It took all I am not to reach out and touch you.  I wanted to - hold you.  I wanted no, needed to be a part of – you.  I felt all of that, Kathryn, why?”


“Oh my,” Kathryn replied as the waitress sat their burgers down in front of them.


“Can I get you anything else?” the waitress offered still popping her gum.


“No, not at this time, thank you,” Janeway answered.  And she moved off to another booth.  “Seven, I believe what you’re feeling is -”


“Love - Kathryn?”  Seven finished for her.


“I was thinking more on the lines of infatuation,” Janeway answered realizing what Seven was really feeling but wanting to detour her from it if at all possible.


“Infatuation,” Seven contemplated.  “I believe infatuation to be more of what I feel for the Harley parked outside.”


Gotcha there, Katie, the little voice kicked in.  Janeway saw the detour deteriorate in front of her.  “Yes, this is probably true, but love is such an emotion of passion,” Janeway responded looking intently at her friend trying to find the young woman she grew to know.


“Kathryn, Is passion not intense emotional excitement?  I believe my body’s reaction was quite intense and the discomfort I felt was extremely exciting.  So much so I did not know how to act appropriately; is passion nothing else but a strong desire?  And I did, within it all, desire to become one with you.”


Gotta lover her, Katie, right to the heart of the matter, the little voice spoke.  Kathryn Janeway realized at this point in time, the person sitting across from her was coming into her womanhood.  Neither she nor the Captain could stop it from happening.  She could only try to hold her own emotions in check.  In check long enough to sort through her feelings which were starting to be roused.  “Seven, I’ve never discouraged you from actively pursuing what your heart feels, but this – this is something we’re going to have to keep a handle on.”


“Do you not feel the same way?  Can you sit there and tell me the response I detected was not the same?”  Seven pushed those undefined boundaries. 


Janeway reached across the table and laid her hand on Seven’s.  “I did respond I cannot deny it.  I’ve had feelings for a while now, but they are not something I could ever act on.”  Janeway adjusted her parameter.  Or so she thought.


“And why is that, Kathryn?”  Seven asked.


“I am Captain of this vessel.  I am bound by Starfleet regulations.”


“Of course, Starfleet regulations,” Seven sighed.  “And exactly what regulations might those be?”


“Seven, I do not have to explain myself to you,” Janeway answered shortly, throwing up her Captain’s boundary instantly.  It was an attempt at bringing control back to the conversation, at possibly bringing control back to herself.


“I see,” Seven removed her hand out from under Janeway’s and looked away, “Waitress!  Check please!”  She commanded not inclined to give over control willingly.


“No dessert for you ladies, tonight?”  The waitress asked as she walked up to the booth finishing their bill.


“No – thank you,” Seven responded tersely and took the bill as she slid from the booth, “I shall pay the bill.  I will return.”  And she walked away with Borg like determination.  This conversation, her feelings put away for another time.


Kathryn Janeway sighed as she leaned back in the booth.  This is going to be a long ride home she thought to herself.  Katie!  You could always just end the program, the little voice reminded.  No, I cannot run from this, she thought.  Why not Katie, it’s what yuh’ve been doin’ all along.  Damn, she spoke out loud, Damn you.


“Captain, we should be getting back,” Seven returned.  Janeway scooted from the booth and they left the restaurant in silence.  Once outside Seven gassed up the bike then zipped up her vest.  With the sun down the ride back would be chilly.  Janeway nestled into Seven to stay warm and as she rode with her arms around the beautiful woman in front of her she could not stop herself from simply melting into the physical presence.  Starfleet regulations be damned, she thought to herself.  She pressed her cheek to Seven’s back longingly and without restraint.  As she came to terms with her own mind, the long hidden emotions now being awakened she decided it all felt too right.  After all how could something so wrong feel so right she questioned herself?  Her passion was not something she would be able to control, it was alive and it was making her alive, this she new with certainty.  The Captain of the U.S.S. Voyager was riding down some highway throwing Starfleet regulations, like caution, to the wind.  Seven picked up speed; Janeway leaned in more, if it were possible.


She raised her lips to Seven’s ear hoping the woman could hear, “Seven – I do love you.” 


The Borg kicked the speed of her Harley up again only now with a smile as they moved along into the night.


The End


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