The Art of Accountability

by Sistah Shoop


Sistah Shoop had one of the great lakes at her disposal. She would often sit and watch the sun set just out of her left eye’s view. It was one of those displays that one never knew exactly what they would see and this early evening Shoop knew it was different than any time before.

As she sat watching she pondered just how accountable she was in her life. How the conscious choices she made today would play out and just how flexible would she be in them? And there were the unconscious choices she had made in the past, decisions that swung back on her from out of nowhere? Sistah Shoop didn’t like those much as she was never prepared for the fall out. In the many days before she had handled them much the same as anyone else by externalizing the results. Seldom ever did she account that the original choice had been her own. It was by far easier to point a finger in a different direction. It was a paradigm that needed to be stopped.

Sister Shoop knew that moving forward she needed to stop and watch the events in her life as they happened and not involve herself too soon. She needed to be conscious above anything else, so that her ego would not run amuck. Shoop reminded herself to take a deep breath to slow herself down and become quiet, if only for a second, in the moment. She could stand back in that position and view the event from afar. These actions would be the beginning of something different for her.

The sun far off in the west was casting a purplish haze across the blue water now as the light of day started to disappear. It made her feel pleasantness not often enjoyed and she knew her interpretation of what was happening, this current event was correct. How often did she internalize any event that happened upon her? She examined further her beliefs, her attitudes and her assumptions. The sun was setting. Watching the sun setting was a cool thing; it was beautiful both visually and in her heart. Perhaps all days could end this way? These were new feelings that had not always existed. There was a day that such an event would not have made her feel good, that she would never have seen the beauty in it just like she never saw the beauty in herself. Shoop thanked the divine that she had changed that belief, that she had assigned a different meaning to it for herself, something that worked for her.

By consciously choosing to believe that what radiated across the water in front of her was beautiful she clearly understood that she was being responsible in this moment. She had started to create her new paradigm. It was exactly what she wanted and existed right now. Shoop looked off toward the setting sun and declared that it was the end to a beautiful day and that she too was a beautiful woman. After she spoke the words she knew that she would stand committed to it and that the great divine and the universe would support her in her efforts. She gathered strength from that thought.

Sistah Shoop leaned back in her chair with a smile. She promised herself that she would watch this event daily as often as she could and always find the beauty in it. After all the art of accountability required practice. She pondered that if a setting sun could show her the opportunity to learn something new about herself, to grow, then the possibilities in life could be endless.

In her way of being Sistah Shoop acknowledged that she truly was responsible for her life, that she did have the power to create anything, just as any writer or painter or musician or anyone else for that matter. She stood up and stretched as the last rays of daylight disappeared behind the horizon. It had been a beautiful day, a beautiful day indeed.

Sistah Shoop 2003_06

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