Defining Individuality

by Sistah Shoop


Sistah Shoop knew that the human eye could not see all that she sought in her life.  The horizon of her tomorrow stayed forever elusive in the distance; no matter how much time she spend walking toward it, she grew no closer to the answers she looked for.  She understood then just how limited her perspective was when looking only through her eyes.


She knew that, really, there was only one place to seek out what she wanted from her life, only one place for anyone to truly find them self.  Shoop discerned it would not elude, and that within it came a journey of constant discovery, of much amazement and growth.


Sistah Shoop left the house empty handed.  She understood that following the path to her heart was a passage she’d need not pack any bags for.  She had no tickets or invitations in her pockets.  The only thing that she carried with her was her faith and the knowing that she must take this journey alone.  She believed that it was this fact that was the only thing that defined her as an individual.


The color of her skin did not label who she was in relationship to anyone else.  She knew her parentage and her religion and the way she smiled did not set her to one side or the other from the next person.  She knew that it was all about the journeys we take separate and apart from each other.  She was educated enough to know that each and everyone of us came out of the same… damn … big… bang with only small varying degrees of separation.


Sistah Shoop recognized that the human heart held all that anyone could possibly seek.  She knew that it would guide and direct if one only looked.  It had no horizon, it did not elude and the only distance there was in getting to it, was the distance that we ourselves create by looking at our lives through other folks’ eyes.


She wondered if many folks thought about their lives in these terms.  Everybody was an individual because when yuh looked at each other you could see it.  She chuckled to herself with that thought.  It had taken her many years to finally figure it out.  And she knew it would take many more years for others to figure it out, but underneath it all, she was hopin’ that at least one person, in her world, would figure it out.  Sistah Shoop wanted someone to hang out with when she finally made it back from the long journey to her heart.


Written by Sistah Shoop 2002_11

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