A Lifetime

by Sistah Shoop


Sistah Shoop stared at her PC screen.  She looked at the reasons that brought a particular young woman into her life.  There were many of them.  Much like butterflies on a sky blue day.  She smiled as they circled around her.  It was amazing how much energy they held and seemed to share with her.

There was hardly room, between their flutter, for her to discern all the lessons she had taken away from having met Ms. Mess.  And she considered it would take a lifetime to have a great understanding and embrace all of them.

She knew ultimately somewhere down the road her young friend would be standing there waiting on her to show up, smiling when Shoop finally got the absolute answer to all her ‘why’ questions.  More than happy to be there when Shoop finally arrived at where she needed to be in life.  And also knowing Shoop had a way of getting off her path - frequently.

Sistah Shoop really didn’t require a reply to the e-mail she had sent off to her earlier.  She knew how the young woman saw their friendship.  At least she believed she did.  In the short time they had known one another they had grown to see who they each were and who they were for each other.  There had been a mutual acceptance and a certain responsibility toward it.  It was just something understood between them.  It had never required a conversation.  Shoop wished all her friendships were like this, friendships that did not require maintenance.

She knew there were reasons for Ms. Mess.  And as she looked out from where she stood she knew it would lead them beyond any given season.  She stood up from her desk and the butterflies flitting about her mind dispersed.  Yes, she thought, it would last a lifetime.


Shoop 200/09


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