Unconventional Wisdom
by Sistah Shoop

posted  October 2004


Sistah Shoop mulled around that she should pursue her dreams. It would involve giving up her job of 24 years. It would involve going back to school at forty-something years old. It would cause much titter down through the ranks of family. All of these things Shoop stood in fear over.

She did not enjoy the thought of quickly sliding from seventy grand to levels akin to poverty. This was other people's thinking she mused. Many a person has lived well with much little and done a fine job. If managed well it was something she felt she could handle. Thank the Great Divine she had a taste for beans.

Shoop picked up the fall course catalogue from the local community college. On page 84 it had exactly what she wanted – a new life. And all that was required was a couple years of dedication, where an undivided attention, the willingness to risk and the faith of achievement could all come cohesively together. Shoop sighed. It was a tall order. One she knew would be frowned upon.

What would happen if she tried? What would happen if she did not, either involving consequences unforeseen. In her heart, she could answer part of the latter. Shoop knew she would be unhappy. What ever that unhappiness was would follow her to the grave. She wanted to travel light on her journey to the Great Divine. She planned to have no pockets in which to carry regret on the last leg of her life. Perhaps this time the wrong thing was exactly what she needed to do. Who truly was to say?

Shoop held the most fear of what her friends and family would say. In many occasions in her life they held much sway. She did not want this decision to come out of a fear. The voices of authority would have to be dealt with. Shoop did not want to hear about not making enough money. She did not want to hear about what it looked like to the rest of the world. And she refused to entertain the notion she was quitting anything.

She needed to live her life, regardless of what it meant to anyone else. For whatever reason Shoop knew it was a wise decision, because she knew others would tell her it was either dumb or just plain wrong. It was hard to see when unconventional wisdom was the better choice from doing what is right. Currently what's right was not being a truism for her. She chuckled to herself. Always the renegade.

Sistah Shoop reached over, picked up the phone and dialed. When the voice came on the line she spoke, “Yes, I'd like to make an appointment with the Dean of Admissions.”


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