Quickie #11



Kathryn had invited Seven to her quarters for dinner. Precisely on time, Seven arrived bearing flowers for the table setting.  Kathryn graciously accepted them, replicating an appropriate vase.  After dinner they settled on the couch and discussed tidbits of ship's gossip and new discoveries Seven had encountered.

Both of them seemed to be dancing around a holographic pink elephant with regards to feelings they were developing for one another. 

During an awkward silence, Kathryn got up and went to the replicator. Requesting dessert for two, she returned to Seven's side.

"Have some cheesecake, Seven. Its on me."

Seven took hers and looked at it carefully.  She then raked her nail over the top of it and drew her finger across Kathryn's lips.

"Now, it is on you." Then she leaned over to experience her first taste of the confection and of Kathryn's lips.