Quickie #12



Kathryn had found herself, once again, dealing with a peculiarly quirky species. Decorum had been a mainstay of her captaincy, but the Porcinicus' cultural habits were wearing thin and most certainly, she thought decorum, for her, was lost.

The Porcinicus were humanoid but their facial features reminded her more of the pigs at her farm in Indiana . Upon meeting them, she felt that surely she would be able to adjust to the features, but alas, it was not to be. Their Minister of Protocol had duly instructed her and her diplomatic entourage that snorting was considered mannerly and should be done with every sentence ending.

After almost choking on her last snort, she shot a glance at Seven, who seemed to be enjoying her self far too much.

Reserved and even constrained, the Borg seemed to have adapted quite well to the behavior, even managing to snort when a laugh bubbled from her. The captain glared at her then reached up to massage her own sinuses, wondering if they would ever be the same. Mischievously, she wondered what would happen if she called out, "SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWEEEEEEEE, PIG!" A laugh erupted from her, punctuated by uncontrollable snorting. Relieved that she had expressed it in cultural appropriateness, she did not notice all who had turned to look at her. Summarily she was chastised. The Minister of Protocol rushed to her side and informed her that she would have to return to her ship, having bested their leaders with the quality of her snorting.

Mortified, she requested a beam out seeing the faces of her crew alight with hope for future tales. The quote, "Some pigs are more equal than others" came to mind as she shimmered into a thousand sparkles.