Quickie #13



Tom Paris had just entered the Holodeck to run another episode of 'Captain Proton'.  He punched in the requisite numbers and turned around. But what to his wondering eyes should appear but a new cast of characters armed to the teeth and loaded for bear, as it were.

"Ah Captain?" He squeaked.

"No, not Captain, Captain Proton, but I am none other than Everywoman. Now hear me roar." With that the captain dropped her jaw and a most terrifying roar issued forth. 

Tom felt the front of his pants dampen and he turned to make his escape out the door. 

He ran smack into B'Elanna. "Not so fast, fly boy.  We have gathered to set the record straight. We intend to start with you."

Tom counted his options and drew a blank. Overwhelmed by the possibilities of retribution, he felt his smaller 'tom' wither and retract from whence it came.  He struggled to swallow.

From behind him, he heard a voice that made his skin crawl.  "Captain, Lt. Torres, shall we begin? "

The two women replied in monotonous harmony, "Yes, Seven."

Tom shakily turned around. He let his eyes travel across the floor till he saw her shoes. In black stiletto shoes, Seven's legs soared above, encased in fishnet stockings. A black corset completed the impression as it struggled to withhold her amble bosom.

Her fists flexed open and closed within red satin elbow-length gloves. 

Losing his reserve, Tom stuttered. "Ah…Hi Seven…" He laughed uncomfortably. "Why red gloves?"

Seven imperiously raised an eyebrow in response. "Well, Mr. Paris, as a general once said, 'Red is so that the blood doesn't show.'"  Kathryn and B'Elanna struggled to keep from laughing.  Tom's color completely left his face and as he teetered from one foot to another, Seven commented.

"It would seem, Mr. Paris, that you should have worn brown."  And with that Tom's eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.

Kathryn and B'Elanna walked over and joined Seven.  Dryly, Kathryn commented.  "Good thing this was a holographic scene. Otherwise, the cleanup would be a mess. " 

All three laughed and left arm in arm.  As the doors shut behind them, B'Elanna suggested. "Should we go to the Mess hall like this?" 

Seven retorted. "Yes, perhaps it will earn the name, Mess, after all."