Quickie #15



One night the Captain was sitting in her quarters bored out of her 24th century mind. Sighing yet again, she stood decidedly, but that was a far as her decision had gone.

She scratched at an aberrant itch on her scalp and sighed.

"By the nacelles, I could hyperventilate if I continue sighing like this!" She was often wont to speak to herself. She had long ago given up chiding herself for it. Too many years in a hostile quadrant can do that to a person.

Sensing the energy building within her, she began pacing about hoping for a release valve effect. But it was to no avail. The more she walked, the more she wanted to run. To where she was not sure, but it needed to present itself soon or she was going to go amok.

She stopped suddenly in her tracks. A dazed look came over her face as she recalled the program that her mother had created for her and Phoebe long ago. She grinned and snapped her fingers, then raced out to assert Captain's prerogative and take a holodeck by force, if necessary.

Once there, she happily found the deck unoccupied and unscheduled for the next hour. She punched in the codes to access her personal file and launched the program. Then she stepped in.

Lights flashed against the dark Indiana night sky and wafts of fried and sweet foods choked the atmosphere. Nearby she heard a hawker luring people to his booth, prattling on about the low risk and tacky stuffed animals to be gained upon winning. 

Rides defying gravity hurtled holographic passengers about in circles and spirals around and around. Cheers, laughter and screams punctuated the activities and Kathryn felt right at home. 

This was a replica of the State Fair arcade grounds she and her family attended faithfully each year of her childhood.

Standing at the entrance, she located the ticket booth and procured the carnival currency she would need to enjoy her stay. Armed to the teeth with expendable tickets, she stepped into the memory, challenging herself to not leave till she was sick with greasy meats, over-sweet confections and dizzy from one too many inverted rides.

Much later, a calm, though slightly green, captain emerged from the holodeck, smiling through a hard won yawn.