Quickie #4

Seven of Nine to the captain."

"Go ahead Seven."

"Captain, report to Astrometrics."

"Seven can it wait?"

"I do not think so."

Captain Janeway reluctantly and slowly got out of her command chair and nodded to Chakotay that he had the bridge.  She had had a long shift and on top of it was concerned that her Chief of Security was struggling with his pon farr. 

Pon Farr, the mysterious rite of joining, unique to the Vulcans, was steeped in mystery and conjecture. To anyone's recollection, no one outside of Vulcan had ever witnessed the ritual or knew of the steps involved. However as Tuvok was nearing the time for his pon farr, curiosity was rampant among the senior staff as to what events would take place out here in deep space and what the ramifications might be. As the doors to the lab opened she realized her troubles were only just starting.

Standing on the upper deck in front of the large view screen was Tuvok, dressed in a polyester leisure suit, white patent leather shoes and large, black-rimmed sunglasses with rhinestones adorning them. Next to him was Vorik, wearing a tank top and seersucker bellbottom hip huggers, replete with platform shoes.

Kathryn's mouth dropped open as the doors hissed closed.  Seven placed a high security lock out on the door and joined her captain.

"Captain, they arrived her moments ago and kept talking about some…gig...they had to perform. Captain, what is a…gig?"

Just then music began to play loudly throughout the lab.  Cheering accompanied the music and both women looked quickly around to make sure they were alone with the other crewmen.  The lights dimmed in the lab and the cheering grew in volume.  Suddenly lights began to flash all around them and the music became deafening.  Microphones appeared in Tuvok and Vorik's hands as the beat picked up. 

Seven shouted at the Captain. "Captain, is this part of the pon farr I have heard about?"

Kathryn shrugged her shoulders. Shouting in return she said, "I don't know but if this is then I know why they keep it a secret."

Balloons from out of nowhere began to fall all around the lab and spotlights pegged the two Vulcans on the upper deck. Then joining a chorus of accompanying singers, they broke out in song. 

"We are family. I have all my Vulcans with me. Hey, hey, hey. We are Family-"