Quickie #5

Seven stood outside of the captain's suite pondering about whether or not to intrude.  She felt strongly that she should confide in her captain but had already assessed what Janeway's arguments would be. She could not remember ever being this hesitant to confront the captain. But, she reasoned, no confrontation ever had this much personally invested. 

Previously all other arguments were philosophical or of a difference in perspective. This however, dealt with matters of the heart, an area that was thus far unexplored by the Borg. Yet, even as she waited, the captain's doors slid open allowing the captain exit. Janeway was at top-notch speed already and they collided. 

Down to the floor they fell with Seven breaking the captain's fall. 

They looked at one another, suddenly very uncertain as to what had happened. Kathryn spoke first, exasperated at the tangle of their positions.

"Seven was there something you wanted to get off your chest?"

Seven's brow furrowed as she looked quizzically at her own chest, then up at Kathryn.  A look of certainty flashed across the young Borg's face.

"Captain, I'd rather not."  Seven then pulled Kathryn closer and kissed her unquestionably, and for the first time.