Quickie #9 -- Primordial Uber



The Giant Salamanders began to encroach on the traditional breeding grounds as the time of mating was sensed.  After days of traveling, each became aware others like themselves nearing the ancient breeding grounds.  Early arrivals by male salamanders had provided for early culling of the older and weaker members.  Many, mortally wounded, lay off to the side being picked over by scavengers. 

From opposite sides of the riverbed, two salamanders nodded to one another. As the bevy of male suitors increased exponentially so did the violence and aggression, some of it spilling over onto innocent by-standing females.  A female of some seasons slipped into the waters and coursed over to the opposing bank. A tint of blue shimmered along the wetness of her back, a new distinction to the species two seasons past. She crept over to a familiar form basking in the warming light of the sun.  A hint of red tipped the ridges surrounding her skull and revealed her seasons past.

Sensing a need to share warmth, she stopped and lay beside the older female. A deep sigh left the older one as she moved closer and settled in comfort.